website for tar dew point calculations

Simple model

In the table below you can fill in the concentration of tar compounds in your producer gas. The concentration must be given on wet basis. When a compound is not present in the producer gas (or not measured) a concentration of 0 mg/mn3 can be filled in.

Tar class Compound Molecular Weight
aromatic rings
Class 2 Phenol 92 1  
Class 3 Toluene 94 1  
Class 4 Napththalene 128 2  
Class 4 Phenanthrene 178 3  
Class 5 Pyrene 202 4  
Class 5 Benzo(ghi)perylene 276 5  

Please do not use the result for publication.

For tar dew point calculation with a wide spectrum of tar compounds present in a biomass producer gas we advise you to use the complete model.